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Rosicrucian Order, OHGRC

Order of the Hermetic Gold and Rose+Cross



This is the official website of the Rosicrucian Order, OHGRC—Supreme Grand Lodge of Asia and Pacific


The forerunner of chemistry and perhaps the most well-known of the esoteric arts, alchemy is the study of substances and methods of transmuting base elements into higher and purer forms. In particular, many alchemists seek to transform base metals into gold or “hermetic gold” as it is termed by esotericists. Another coveted goal of an alchemist is finding the Philosopher’s Stone, otherwise known as the Fountain of Eternal Youth.        


         Our Order is more concerned with an art called Inner Alchemy, whose ultimate goal is the transformation of the human body into a perfect vehicle for Divine Realization. This art seeks to transmute man so that his gross qualities -- such as ignorance and powerlessness -- may be replaced with the noble qualities of wisdom, compassion and power.