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Rosicrucian Order, OHGRC

Order of the Hermetic Gold and Rose+Cross

Hermes Trismegistus was an ancient Egyptian sage acclaimed as the embodiment of wisdom. His name means "Hermes, Thrice Greatest," on account of his being considered in those times to be the greatest of all philosophers, the greatest of all priests, and the greatest of all kings. He authored numerous manuscripts on alchemy, metaphysics, cosmogony, creation, the nature of God, and other mystical subjects. His writings also include initiatory rituals, many of which are still being used today by secret Hermetic societies.


That light is I, Nous, the first god, who was before the watery substance appeared out of this darkness, and the Word which emanated from the light is the son of God. . . .


Learn my meaning by looking at what is within yourself, for in you also Speech is son, and the Mind is father of the Word.


They are not separate from one another, for Life is the union of Word and Mind.

Hermes Trismegistus is revered as one of the ancient teachers of the Order. He is closely associated with the ancient Egyptian god called Tehuti or Thoth (Hermes to the Greeks), who is often depicted with the head of an ibis.

One of his most famous dictums is the occult saying, "As above, so below." This means that when man truly understands himself, he too shall be able to comprehend the secrets of the universe.


Here is the true story of Hermes Trimegistus as revealed in the Order's authentic records by Master Saralden of the Rose:


"During the XIX dynasty under Seti I and Ramses II considerable tolerance was granted to the Order in Egypt; but gradually a feeling arose against its "secret power" and the lines of activity had to be drawn closer and closer.


Fortunately, in the Order at the time of death of Amenhotep IV or Akhnaton, there was a sage named Hermes. So great was his learning and yet so mystical his many writings, purposely veiled so that they might be of value only to the future initiates, that the uninitiated minds of future years arose and acclaimed Hermes a myth, and there are those today who try to establish his identity with that of the Egyptian god "Thoth." However, it is the author's pleasure to state now that which has never appeared in print before, and which has perplexed investigators for centuries-the birth date of Hermes Trimegistus-the Thrice Great Man.* He was born in Thebes, October 9th, 1399 B.C. He lived to the age of one hundred and forty-two years, dying in the Rosicrucian Monastery at El Amarna, on March 22nd, 1257 B.C., and his mummy lies among others in a cachette in the vicinity of El Amarna.


He was "thrice great" because he lived to attend the installation of Amenhotep IV as an R.C. Master, became Master himself upon the latter's death, and in 1259 installed one Atonamen as Master of the Order.


It was this time that Hermes completed his writings, especially the seven books and tablets which were found and brought to light in 400 A.D., and which were upon diverse chemical and physical subjects."


*Dr. Budge, eminent Egyptologist, says that the Egyptians often referred to Hermes as "Lord of Maat," i.e., Lord of Truth, and that he was regarded as the inventor of all arts and sciences. "Lord of Books" is still another title assigned him.



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