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About The Order

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Rosicrucian Society, O.H.G.R.

Order of the Hermetic Gold and Rose



This is the official website of the Rosicrucian Order, OHGRC—Supreme Grand Lodge of Asia and Pacific

The Rosicrucian Society, OHGR (Order of the Hermetic Gold and Rose) is a mystical school that provides answers to men and women who sincerely and humbly seek, and truly and fervently desire, greater knowledge and wisdom. It has a large repository of authentic teachings carefully safeguarded and passed on, including practical techniques and exercises extensively tried and tested, by generations after generations of mystics and Adepts. These teachings have been preserved in pristine form since ancient times, and they have helped many well-known people in history accomplish, in many fields, brilliant achievements that have advanced civilization and immensely contributed to the progress of humanity.


The OHGR is a fraternal, non-sectarian and non-profit organization dedicated to the study of Western Esoteric Arts such as Hermeticism, the Kabbalah, Rosicrucianism, Martinism, Alchemy, and Divine Magic. Its primary method of dissemination of its teachings is through the issuance of graded weekly lessons in monograph form that may be studied by its members in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. The Order also conducts free public lectures, and regular convocations, conventions and special-topic seminars for its members.




Benefits of Membership


In partaking of the "wisdom-teachings" dispensed by the OHGR, members may derive the following benefits in joining the Order, depending upon how earnestly and assiduously they persevere in practicing and applying its teachings:


  • Learn techniques and exercises to attain robust health, well-being and vitality in body, mind and spirit. Boost your immunity and resistance to disease. Energize, cleanse, rejuvenate and regenerate yourself, up to the cellular level. Enhance your longevity, with agility and mental clarity retained even up to an advanced age. Learn natural healing techniques that harmonize the energy polarities within one's being. These may be practically applied to serve the health needs of self and loved ones, and could be very useful in times of medical emergencies.


  • Attain peace of mind, inner strength and harmony. Learn to manage stress, and master your thoughts and emotions. Develop a positive state of mind which attracts prosperity, joy, blessings, and good opportunities.


  •  Learn creative visualization techniques to materialize your goals and cherished desires, whether these be material possessions, harmonious relationships, education, travel opportunities or spiritual attainment. Enjoy abundance and auspiciousness in your life.


  • Know yourself, and develop self-mastery and the power to direct your destiny. Be the "master of your fate, the captain of your soul". Get a clearer picture of your personal goals and mission in life. Pursue your life goals with tenacity and vigor, overcoming obstacles along the way. Develop strong willpower, confidence and discipline for self-improvement and greater productivity. Build within yourself the indomitable faith that "can move mountains".


  • Those who dutifully practice the Order's teachings would gain in wisdom and profound understanding to better address and contemplate the fundamental questions of existence which have intrigued thinking man since the dawn of civilization -- such questions as: What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of existence? Who am I? Hence, they would be better equipped to know and understand the natural cosmic laws and the gameplan of life, discover the secrets of nature, unveil the workings of the universe, access the Akashic Records, peer into the core of reality, and reveal one's true nature and essence.


  • Learn to project and traverse the far reaches of the physical, astral, spiritual, and cosmic realms.


  • Attain higher consciousness, the evolution of your Inner Self and soul personality, and the development of your inner faculties. Develop intuition, obtain inspiration, and achieve illumination.


  • Attune with the Divine, and partake of Its infinite wisdom and goodness. Harness powerful cosmic forces.


  • Be linked to the powerful spiritual energy field or egregore of the Order, the chain of many links formed by the combined force of all the Masters and Adepts, officers and members in the Order's lineage radiating light throughout its existence. This powerful egregore and positive force exerts a strong, protective influence over members and their loved ones, especially if they are loyal to and faithfully serve the Order.


  • Seek solace, assistance, support and positive radiation from the Order's Silent Council at critical moments in your life and in times of hardship and suffering. Request for the Order's healing services for yourself and your loved ones as needed.


  • Enhance your personal magnetism, charisma and attractiveness by enlarging your aura or bioenergy field. Put this to practical use in such applications as being an engaging and persuasive leader or a powerful and effecive motivational speaker.

  • Activate your energy centers or chakras and develop corresponding human abilities.

  • Achieve mental focus and clarity, and develop keen analytical and intellectual powers, discernment, discrimination, and understanding.


  • Cultivate positive traits of humility, tolerance, kindness, and compassion, and other positive virtues, habits and attributes of character. Develop the wisdom of the heart.


  • Fully realize your innate potentials, talents and abilities. Develop multiple intelligences.


  • Stimulate your creativity and imagination. Enhance your appreciation for music, arts and culture. Discover and experience the beauty, abundance and joy of life. Develop zest and passion for life.


  • Our teachings which is the highest form of Christian Mysticism, we reveal also the esoteric and most powerful teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ that was not taught to the masses, but was secretly transmitted to his 120 tested disciples of which the 12 apostles were the highest. That's why our founding father Christian Rosenkreutz is a true and avid disciple of the Christ.


SEC Registration


The OHGR is duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is classified as a non-sectarian, spiritual, cultural, educational, and philosophical organization. As such, the Order encourages free thought, the scholarly dissection and dissemination of ideas, and the practice of time-tested techniques for the evolution of its members.



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