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Rosicrucian Order, OHGRC

Order of the Hermetic Gold and Rose+Cross



This is the official website of the Rosicrucian Order, OHGRC—Supreme Grand Lodge of Asia and Pacific



Just as the Kabbalah is sometimes considered as the mystical core of Judaism, Rosicrucianism is also identified on occasion as the hidden quintessence of Christianity. But then again, Rosicrucianism is much older than Christianity, tracing its beginnings to that period of Egyptian history called the 18th Dynasty, when Pharaoh Akhnaton reigned as ruler of Egypt.



Rosicrucianism was secretly revived in the 1600s by the elite of Europe (elite, by virtue of greater maturity and advanced consciousness), who sought to eradicate the widespread superstition, bigotry and ignorance of those times, and bring order and enlightenment amidst the chaos and darkness of the day.

Today, Rosicrucianism is alive in the hearts of progressive men and women who study esoteric knowledge to awaken their inner faculties, in order that they may lead lives of meaning, beauty, goodness, wisdom, and compassion, and thereby strive to be the embodiment of Truth and Light. Their hallmarks are: continuous self-mastery and self-improvement through dedicated study, practice and service; persistent and untiring investigation of natural and cosmic laws through experiments; and humanitarian activities that render active goodness, kindness and compassion.